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" Lady Levellan, are you ok, you haven't left your quarters for three days, and people are asking and I don't know what to tell them!" Shaylynn heard Josephine yell from yell from through her quarters door. She rolled over on her side so she was facing the stairs. She didn't know what to say after Solas leaving she had felt so lost and was beginning to question if she still had what it took to be the inquisitor. She had so much weight on her shoulders all the time,and Solas was her escape from it all even if it was just for a little while each day he was there,but now with him gone she felt so alone and lost in her thoughts. When she talked to Lelianna the night of the party after defeating corypheus, she seemed so sure Solas would turn up soon, but it had been days since then and still no sign of Solas and no word from Lelianna or her spies on his where abouts. "Inquisitor, Please talk to us and let the people know you're alright, they are worries...we are worried!" She heard Cullen say through her door. "Let me try, Lady Levellan I have a bit of information that might be of use to you." Shaylynn heard Lelianna say through her door. Shaylynn perked up a bit,but she still felt like being alone,but she knew they weren't just going to go away,no of it was, and she had to face that and do what had to be done. She got up from her bed and looked into the mirror that hung on the wall. She touched her face where her Dalish Tattoo had once been. She forced a smile,but she felt tears welling in h er eyes, she brushed them away and walked down the stairs to open the door to her quarters, she took a deep breath as she opened the door. "Lady Levellen are you ok?" Josephine asked as soon as she opened it. "No, to be honest,but my feelings have to wait there are things to get done!" she said. "But your feelings do matter and we do care if you're not ok,when you get a chance I need to talk to you about about that matter I was looking into." Lelianna said. "Thanks,what's on the schedule for today?" she asked "There are people her people here to see you about supplies and shelter,but that can wait if you still need time." Josephine said. "No I'm fine for now stuff must get done!" Shay said pushing her way through her three advisers and making her way to her chair which instantly made her think of solas,but she had to be strong, if not for herself,but for him, she had made him a promise she'd get everything back to to normal the best she could. "My Lady, we need supplies abd shelter for the people of Radcliffe, after it all ended some thugs took over and now its all gone!" the woman sobbed "Cullen can you and your men take care of those thugs and Josephine can you call in some favors and to get food and whatever else they need?" shaylynn asked. "At once!" Cullen said. "Yes my lady." Josephine said. After numerous problems and Judgments Shaylynn was finally done. She made her way up to the tower where Lelianna was. "Inquisitor, good you are here, I have news from my scouts stationed in the Emerald Graves, they spotted a man they suspect might be Solas entering an old ruin." she said."When was this, and do you think hes still there?" she asked. "About yesterday according to their letter,and I do not know, you should maybe go and see yes?" Lelianna said. "I'll head out now if thats ok?" she said. "Yes, but what will you do if it is him, will you stay with him or come back?" Lelianna asked. " I don't know, if i don't come back, I leave you in charge." she said. "yes your grace, may the maker be on your side." she said "Thank you." Shaylynn said leaving the tower. "Boss word around is you are going to find Solas, I'd like to offer coming along in case you need protection." Iron Bull said approaching her. "Sure, I guess,but if this lead pans out I might not be coming back." she told him. Iron Bull just nodded. He had been her sort of protecter ever since they met. "I sense so much pain and confusion, where are you going?" Cole asked just appearing out of nowhere like he always did beacuse after all he is a spirit. "Yes Cole I am sad, I am going to find Solas if can, come along if I don find him, I am sure he would love to see you." she said. "Ok". Cole said. They headed out. They traveled for days and there had been 2 attempts on her life before they finally made it to the ruin in the Emerald Graves that Soals might be at. "Do you sense anything Cole?" Shaylynn asked as they walked towards the enterence to the ruin. "Someone is here and they are lonely and have extreme   regret......Cole said. "It's worth a look, wait here with Bull while I go check it out." she said. "You don't want me to go with you?" Bull asked. "No, I'll be fine." Shaylynn said. She made her way down the steps and lit a vale fire torch that was on the left side of the wall, it had already been activated by magic which meant someone had been there. She began to look around, she saw no sign of anyone right away,then she saw in the far cornor someone standing there. "Solas, anethara?" she asked The person turned around slowly and moved out of the shadows. "Vhenan, what are you doing here?" he asked. "I came to find you,I was worried about you." shay said. "Howed you find me?" he asked. "Lucky guess." she said walking closer to him. He moved away. "What's wrong?" shay asked. I'm not the same anymore, you must leave!"he said "Solas I'm not leaving you, I want to help you in anyway I can, I love you."she said. "I missed that about you,but we can't." he said. "please don't make me go."she said. "You can stay." Solas said. Shaylynn ran up to him and kissed him. He kissed her back pushing her up against the wall and kissing her deeply. "I can't , this still feels wrong!" Solas yells and runs towards the enterance of the ruin. "Solas wait, I know everything and it's not your fault you just wanted to make it right and that's what matters, I love you... all of you, and nothing will ever change that, I'm not running anymore this is where I want to be." Shaylynn said feeling hot tears fall down her cheeks. "You don't know all of it,but thank you, your words mean so much." Solas said. "Solas don't go, I need you, and I will do whatever if takes to shoe you that, you don't have to be alone, I am here now." Shaylynn said still crying. "I can't tell you everything,but you can come with me if that what you truly want, I would enjoy your company always have." he said. Shaylynn walked over to where he was, she could see his gray-blue eyes looking straight at her and this time she saw something she'd never noticed before, they were so full of dread and sorrow. "I want to help you, I love you Solas." she said. "Ma nuvenin, Ma vhenan." he said taking her hand and closing his eyes. "Boss you ok down there, you've been down there a while?" Bull yelled. "I'm fine Bull, everything's fine." she said. "Are we going to head back?" Cole asked. "I'm staying right here." shay said putting her hand on Solas cheek. "Was that Cole, and Iron Bull. You brought them why?" he asked. "They insisted on coming,but I will asked them to go." she said. "No, it's alright say your goodbyes, we leave here tomorrow, if you still want to come with me." she said. Shaylynn kissed him and whispered, "I do." Solas smiled. "Hurry back." he said going to sit down. Shaylynn walked up the steps and Iron Bull was standing against a tree, but no sign of Cole anywhere. "He went down there saod some weird things, only thing I caught was Solas, but Boss are were headed back soon?" Bull asked. "I'm staying Solas needs me, you'll be going back alone." she said. "Is Cole coming with me or is he staying too?" he asked. "I would like to stay, I like helping."Cole said appearing. Shaylynn smiled. "It's been an honor to serve under you Boss,be careful and if you ever need me, you know where I will be." he said. "Thanks, I should be heading back. " she said. "Later Boss!" he said turning away and walking away. Shaylynn knew he'd tell the others, that she'd stayed. "Come on Cole." she said. Cole followed her back into the Ruin. "I made some food, it's not what they served at skyhold,but it will still serve it's perpose."Solas said. "I'm sure it's fine, truely only one thing matters to me now and that's being here with you now." she said. "Someone's here." Cole said. "Sounds like spiders, just like old times?" Solas said smiling. "Yes, let's win our place back!" Shaylynn said. Shay and Solas gript their staffs and Cole got his daggers at the ready. They killed about five spiders. Shaylynn fell asleep in Solas's arms that night,but she suddenly awake. "Solas where are you?" she yelled realizing her wasn't be her side any longer. "Ma vhenan, I'm over here, it's of just rest, I'll watch over you." he said. "Ma serannas,but I can't sleep much anymore, what are you doing?" she asked. "Just thinking, come over here I want to show you something.'' Solas said. Shaylynn followed the sound of this voice to find him sitting next to a small hole that looked out on to the night sky. "It's beautiful." she said "Not as beautiful as you.'' he said pulling her closer and kissing her. "Ma serannas Solas, you taught me so much and you were truly what kept me going." Shay said. "Ma serannas." solas said. "For what?" she asked. "For always believing in me and willing to help now even after what I did." Solas said. Shaylynn smiled. "Anything for you ma vhenan." Shay said kissing him. "I want to share with you what I should have way before,but I was afraid." He said removing the chest plate off of her. "What about Cole won't he..." Shay began to say but Solas interrupted her her by kissing her. They kissed and kissed and slowly it was just two bodys that had become one. They just lied there and looked at each other for what seemed like hours. "That was far better than I could have ever imagined it." he said. "I love you Solas." Shaylynn said. "And I you. He said. "Ma vhenan, wake up, we should get going." Solas said kissing her. Shaylynn opened her eyes, Solas was already dressed. "where are we headed?" she asked pulling on her clothes. "wherever we are drawn, with you by my side exploration is endless." he said. She kissed him and fisnished getting dressed and grabbed her staff and they left the ruin. "I sense something really strong between you Solas and Shaylynn,but I don't know know this feeling. "It's love Cole, it's one of the strongest forces in all the universe." Solas said looking at Shay. She just smiled and took his hand. "I like you two is happy... I like happy endings." Cole said. They explored many temples and ruins together restoring anything of elven culture they could. For a love as strong as theirs there was hope for elves everywhere and one day maybe Solas would finally be at peace with what had happened. For he would always have Shaylynn by his side, never alone, you won't die alone Ma vhenan.

*******DON'T be to harsh on this,I had originally wrote this for myself as closure,but I got a lot of people who wanted to read this! If some of the characters aren't perfectly like they were in the game I am sorry I did my best!  If there are spelling or grammer errors I am sorry, like I said this wasn't meant to be posted,but I feel confident to post it since I got such positive feedback! ^_^ Also I used my characters name.

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